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We sell computer parts including mother boards, graphics cards, micro USB cables, HDMI cables, power supplies, routers, keyboards, mice, headsets and more! Additionally our online store, Tragic Little PC, sells many nerd-culture products at our location, such as FUNKO POP! VINYL, collector items from various anime, video games, and popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, Adventure Time and more! Find the perfect gift for the nerd in your life!

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Advisory: Seagate NAS Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


It was reported on 03-01-15 by Beyond Binary that Seagates "Business Storage 2-Bay NAS" contain a Remote Code Execution Velnerability.

Products in this line that run firmware versions up to and including version 2014.00319 were found to be vulnerable to a number of issues that allow for remote code execution under the context of the root user. These vulnerabilities are exploitable without requiring any form of authorization on the device.


As of 03-14-15 there is no updated firmware or patch available. It is recommended that anyone using this NAS remove it from any Public Facing IP, and that any Remote Access or Administration be Disabled untill there is a firmware update available. This NAS should only be used behind a Firewall, and access restricted to the local lan only.


You can read Beyond Binary's report and exploit here.

You can check for firmware updates from Seagate here.

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